It's one of those mundane things we rarely think about, I mean how often do you think about the plunger we use to clear out blocked drains? Yet when you need it, it's something that can really improve your day.

I recently had a fairly severe blocked-shower-drain situation. The water wasn't draining as it was supposed to, and the shower tray would fill up dangerously, resulting in an unwanted foot bath and even some overflow.

I went looking for a solution and found this gem, Monument Master Plunger.

A plumber's plunger #

Monument 1459W Master Plunger Sink and Waste Pipe Unblocker

Monument 1459W Master Plunger Sink and Waste Pipe Unblocker

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Words cannot describe the joy of using this plunger to blast out the gunk and hair blocking a drain. Due to it's quite gorgeous large bellows it packs in as much as 10 times as much force as one of those 90's video game cup-on-a-stick plungers.

As a result, when you get this thing's blow-hole lined up with the drain and pump, the blast of air is just shocking.

A word to the wise! #

If you do decide to go for this Rolls Royce of plumbing paraphernalia, be warned! It creates such a powerful force it can quite literally blow back in your face. If you have an overflow inlet, like most baths have just under the taps, you might get a mightly splash of mucky water back. Block that with a cloth or some damp toilet roll first.

You may even find you have holes you never knew existed. Our sink has a weird one underneath on the side, and I only found it after this mother blew water out like a frustrated whale while unblocking.

What a time to be alive #

So there you have it. Grab yourself one of these before you need it. Makes a great stocking stuffer, or confusingly-wrapped Christmas present to stash your real present inside.

Thanks for reading, and keep those pipes clear now!

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